Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Anonymous Hackers

I only heard about them recently - actually my Dad told me about them, because he was talking about how some security company or somesuch criticized them, and Anonymous took their website offline and put all the company's details in the public domain. I was just reading about them on Wikipedia (I know it's not entirely accurate, you can tell when they've made typos), and they sound pretty cool. I love that they've said "They decided to just rape his servers" and at some point in the Wikipedia article, someone said 'we did it for the lulz' (I think you'll find it's teh lulz. Jeez, learn to spell, Wikipedia people!). If I didn't probably have to show some proficiency and enthusiasm for maths, along with a longer concentration span than I have on a good day and the ability to hack into anything (it took me a week to fix my own Sims 2 cheat window when I had internet instructions up at the time, although it was a high point for my personal computer prowess) then I'd be a lot more interested in Anonymous stuff. As it is, if it doesn't have brightly coloured pictures and funny slogans, I'm not interested.

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