Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Freaky Things You Find in the Bottom of Your Enormous Notepad Box.

What do you mean you don't have an enormous notepad box? Everyone needs one - where else are you supposed to put your collection?
Anyway, I was clearing stuff out of mine, and I thought I'd show you some of the interesting stuff I found.
 this was a picture I drew while on a train in Japan. It's Lord and Lady Froggleton, and yes, the heat did get to me. This is what happens when you can only drink Calpis and Pocari Sweat.
 I went to a Summer school thing a few years ago - I think it was Summer 2006. Anyway, we did a production of Wicked and I was Ruby. It was that long ago that I can't remember the plot, but I did have lines - I know that much.
 This is a loyalty card. When I was in Japan, me and my mum went to a maid cafe (you might want to look this up - basically the waitresses are dressed as maids and treat you like the lord/lady) and I got this. Cool, ne?
 My school's Summer art camp '09. We had to create a little art booklet about our favourite song, and my favourite song at the time was Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. There's other stuff in the booklet, but this and the front cover (which I didn't scan in because I got bored) are the only good bits really. Pencil drawings I can do, but give me a paintbrush and it looks like what would happen if you gave a toddler LSD. And not in a cool, abstract Impressionist way.
 This is a magazine. For those who can't read Japanese too well, the magazine is called SALA Po Ke. There was another one called Doki Poke (the Japanese would pronounce it as po-ke, like pocket without the 't' because it's a pocket thing. Like Pokemon is Pocket - monsters). Essentially, what you're seeing here is a Japanese male escort. They don't do the dirty with you, you just pay a load of money for a guy who looks like this to sit with you all evening in a bar and treat you like a princess - basically a male escort. You'll have a good idea if you've been watching the Justin Lee Collins: Turning Japanese programme.
 This is an advertisement from inside SALA Po Ke. It might be advertising the man, or maybe his clothes. Probably the man, I think, because the book is full of these guys and I picked it up from a stand in the middle of Kabuki-cho, Japan's most infamous red light district. No, we didn't know it was like that until we got there and I spotted all the escorts wandering round and had the joy of explaining what they were to my mum.
 A photo of me and one of the meido (maids) at the maid cafe we went to. The writing in the heart over my head says 'moe' (moh - eh) which means cute (like if you saw a little toddler you'd say, "MOEEE!!"). I wasn't already wearing the cat ears, and that's my braces, not missing teeth in the dark areas where I'm grinning.

So yeah, some interesting stuff I found in my notepad box.

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