Monday, 28 March 2011

I am a Half-Geek

I have decided that it is pointless pretending I'm not. That's not to say I am a whole one either, not through the supposed lack of street cred being a geek lands you with, but because I don't understand the technical stuff.
I love computer games like World of Warcraft and the Sims (in case you're wondering, I have both 2 and 3, but I prefer the second edition for its speed), I understand geek humour and I collect the occasional graphic novel. I sort of know what a QR code is, and I'm passable at Gimp.
On the other hand, I don't have any idea how to handle the technical stuff. Gigabytes, Terrabytes, whatever they're called - when people ask me how many megapixels the camera on my phone has, I just stop listening automatically. I'm only vaguely aware of what jailbreaking is, I don't speak binary and I know barely anything about computers. Before you say anything, I'm quite happy not knowing those things, so don't try to explain them.
The most technical I've ever been was when I changed the keyboard shortcut to my HP helpdesk so I could get my cheat window on Sims 2 to work properly (although I must admit I was pretty pleased with myself for doing that, even if I did have the instructions up in a separate window and it took me three weeks).

Even so, I'm perfectly fine with my geek side. I prefer being acknowledged as part of a collective where knowledge and how stupid you can make a cat look are power, as opposed to how many shades of grey your trackie bottoms come in and how many essentially identical R'n'B songs about the guy-who-loves-his-girlfriend-more-than-anything-and-has-done-all-his-life-but-he-cheated-on-her-and-she-cheated-on-him-and-it's-so-unfair-that-she-did-that-and-how-blind-is-she-to-ignore-how-lovely-her-cheating-boyfriend-is-and-even-though-he-loves-her-for-who-she-is-she-just-happens-to-be-a-supermodel-with-a-severe-lack-of-proper-clothing. When it comes down to it, it's geeks who will rule the world, and even though I'm half not-geek, I am also half geek. I have geek-itude.

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