Monday, 6 September 2010

Oh God No....

Hello.... I'm still alive... I thought I might as well let you know I haven't been shot dead by the Mafia yet.
Today was my first day back at school. I'm a Year 10! I don't feel like one though. I'm not used to it.
When I got into school this morning, there was a sign on my form room door saying 'teachers with 2-5 years experience'. Come on, we're only bad if the teachers are nasty to us! We're not that difficult. Mind you, we've got a new person in our form and he is a bit difficult sometimes. He's all right with me though, as far as I can remember.
Alix was talking about the Muse concert from the other day - which I could have seen but I was in France! Dang it! Apparently they did the flashing lights and stuff just like Glastonbury and Fuji Rock festival, and Matt Bellamy wore his shiny red suit and the drummer dressed up as a space-age telly tubby again. He was wearing a sort of Vince Noir-esque disco-ball catsuit. Alix has died her hair jet black.
I went over to Chloe's new form room. Last year it was one of the science rooms, but now it's the geology room which used to be the sports science room. Keiley had some sort of accident on a bike over the summer, and when Chloe got in she was really really tanned. She gave me some castanets (is that right? I'm sure there's an I in it) and some magnets from Spain.

We've got Sackfield as our form teacher this year. I've never had her for anything before, but apparently she's going to be my German teacher now. Apparently she gives out cake at Christmas, which is fine by me.
We got these fancy new planners with transparent plastic covers on them, and fancy block writing saying 'student planner 2010-2011'. It's got these random bits of coloured card in it near the back. Also, we have to get stamps now, instead of merits. We're meant to get one every single lesson, and if we have less than 25 stamps at the end of the week then something is wrong.

Big P gave us a new reinvention of the same assembly he's given us the past two years already - you'd think he'd be able to think of a new one by now? He reminded us AGAIN of the school rules (which are in our planner, in case we're ever bored enough in lessons to want to be reminded of the etiquette for buses - when we're not meant to even look at our planners barely) and filled our heads with more Barack Obama quotes and pictures of Ussain Bolt and Michael Jordan, and some other people who've made something of themselves - all of whom are black. I'm just saying this to point out that he has a bit of a thing for black people.

Then we had English. I've got Boustead again! She's a great teacher. We had to rewrite the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme as a sort of article. My table - me, Chloe, Zaira and Sara - got do it as a magazine article. We called it 'Jack's Nob Job' (because of the 'Old Dame Dob did patch his nob/with vinegar and brown paper' bit).
Next there was Biology. Reedy stayed with us. We're looking at cells again.

After lunch, I had Spanish. Just me and Janneka getting taught by Crane. It's very awkward, but the work we did was quite easy, just saying stuff like 'Hola, que tal? Estoy muy bien. Me llamo Isobel y tengo catorce anos. Mi cumpleanos es el cuatro de enero. Tengo tres hermanos y vivo con mi madre.'
So yeah . . . that's my first day in Year 10.

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